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Therapy Services 

Anonymous, IL 

"Camille has been wonderful to work & I very much appreciate her time and feedback. Her expertise and sessions have been very valuable to me!"

Anonymous, IL

"Camille is a savant; she understood me in 45 minutes in a way my lifelong friends still can’t after 16 YEARS."

Anonymous, OK

​"She’s thoughtful, provocative, and challenging, but all within my ability; she’s empathetic to the challenges of the situation. I've already seen improvement after 3 sessions: I’m hopeful and confident the rest are nothing but steps forward."

Bring Yourself Into Focus

Individual Art Therapy

Bring Yourself Into Focus! You are unique, and I believe in collaborating with you in order to determine the most effective course of action to address your current concerns and struggles.

​In this session we will identify a problem area and assess what materials will be suited for helping you process this area. If you are feeling frustrated or stuck we might get out some clay and work it with your hands. If you feel anxious we might get out some mandalas or water colors and just let your mind center. If you are feeling depressed we might work on some structured crafts or painting to help get your body moving.

Individual Counseling Session

In each individual session we work to understand how you have processed the experiences you have been through. We experience situations bilaterally, meaning both hemispheres of our brain are responsible for recording different aspects of the experience. By utilizing traditional psychotherapy techniques we address the left hemisphere, responsible for analytical thought; verbal communication; detail oriented information and planning. By utilizing art psychotherapy techniques we address the right hemisphere, responsible for intuition; holistic processing; spontaneous interaction; and non-verbal communication. By combining the techniques you are able to more fully and completely process and release the pain from the negative experiences you have had in order to heal. Ultimately the goal being to help you unblock and rewire these harmful thought pathways allowing you be more true to your best self!

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